Malak Jân (1906 - 1993)

Malak Jân Nemati (1906-1993), affectionately nicknamed Jâni, was born on December 11, 1906 in Jeyhounabad, a village in Persian Kurdistan where she spent most of her life. Although she lived in a remote location, she was well aware of the problems and challenges of her time. By the age of 20, Malak Jân was completely blinded, a condition she viewed not as an affliction, but as an opportunity for learning and personal development.  In spite of her disability and fragile physique, she grew to be revered in her community and beyond as a sage and saint-like figure who was devoted to the service and advancement of humanity, especially the empowerment and equality of women and preservation of the rights of children.


Centennial Celebration of Malak Jân

A Life Unseen: A Legacy of One Woman's Courage, Humanity & Insight

Asia SocietyDecember 12, 2006
Asia Society, New York

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